KKS: February Release DAY! Made with LOVE


 It's HERE!!!  The February release is in the Krafty Store!!!  Happy Shopping!  For today's goodie I made a Christmas Baking Planner, using Lulu from MADE WITH LOVE.  Now read a little further before you judge! lol.  Family traditions are BIG in my household!!  One of the things we do A LOT of is baking at Christmas… by A LOT, I mean about 3 to 4 days' worth!!  We bake lots and we snack on it ALOT and we make lots of "neighbor plates"… it's tradition!  We have some recipes we make every year, and we always try a couple of new ones out too.  Here's why I'm NOT crazy (besides that my mother had me tested, lol!)… the Daughter is getting married in a few weeks and one of her gifts is this Journal of sorts, I will attach ALL of our Christmas Baking recipes to it with Ribbon.


See?!?  There's a perfectly good reason why I'm thinking Christmas when it's only February!!  lol  Ok, that's it for me, happy hopping and then Happy Shopping!!!



4 thoughts on “KKS: February Release DAY! Made with LOVE

  1. Thank you for this amazing inspiration and I did order this one and I have some Christmas paper still on my crafting table!thank you for sharing!


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