KKS: November peeks, Perfect Planner stamps!


Hey yall!  Welcome to the first day of Kraftin Kimmie peeks!!!!  The Krafty Girls are kinda nerdy for our planners and NOW we have the Perfect Planner stamp set!!


This is my planner for this coming week… it looks a little sparse now but I add LOTS of notes through the week so it'll be much "fuller" after the week gets started!  Also, I keep my "labeling" fairly simple so I have lots more room for writing!!


I use LOTS of color coding (I have a set of 8 different colored Pentel Gel pens… the write beautifully and the ink colors are consistent in vibrancy.  I need things to catch my eye quickly so colors work well for me… each 'category' has a color.  When using my planner stamps, I can easily stamp in the category color or black, depending on where I'm stamping!  Holidays and super special things get Washi (that pink & green paisley washi is for notes regarding our new house!  There are plenty of images and words in here to suit many different uses!  I'll show more pictures of these pages as the week progresses!  Have fun hopping around to the next stop, it's so great seeing how everyone uses their planners so differently!  Hope you get some good ideas!  See ya tomorrow for more Krafty peeks!!




12 thoughts on “KKS: November peeks, Perfect Planner stamps!

  1. Love the stamp set. I have tried keeping up with a planner but always seemed so boring, I didn’t even want to look at it! Posted my system that needs a revamp.


  2. Thanks for sharing how you organize your planner, I too use lots of sticky notes and colors…this new stamp set is a perfect addition to keep things looking fresh and exciting!!


  3. Thank you for sharing how you use your planner. Love the new planner stamps there is lots different images to add to a planner.


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