SRM: A Name Plaque for Puppies Toybox

Hello, I'm up on the SRM blog today with a name plaque I made for Huck's toybox, ahem, one of his toyboxes, lol.  Today I'm playing with some Matte Vinyl.  I have a super cute Blonde Lab that is spoiled as all get out!!  This is one of his Toy Baskets and I've decided to make him a name plaque for it!


I also added a few stickers from my stash (We've Got Your Stickers – SweetSentiment – Life Is Good, Express Yourself – Birthday)  For the ones that wouldn't show up on that black, I simply adhered them to some cardstock, cut them out and then adhered them to the plaque.

I apologize for not taking pictures along the way, honestly I was having so much fun with this and was so excited… I forgot, lol.  Ok so there are 3 layers here, the first being that pretty scalloped heart in Red Polka Dot Vinyl.  The 2nd is the heart in White Vinyl and on this one those paw prints are actually cut out so the Red Polka Dots show through (LOVE THIS!).  The 3rd layer is Huck's name, in Black Vinyl.  

This is by far my favorite Vinyl of all of the brands I've used!  And I'm not saying that because this post is for SRM!  Ok, that's it for me, thanks for popping in!

For these projects I used We've Got Your Stickers – Sweet, Sentiment – Life Is GoodExpress Yourself – BirthdayRed Polka Dot Vinyl, White Vinyl, Black Vinyl.
Happy Crafting!

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