KKS: Blessings of Peace


Hey yall!  Welcome back to another Krafty Peek!!  Today we're inkin' up a set from Cheryl called BLESSINGS OF PEACE!  I used these snuggley little cuties to pretty up my daughter's March planner pages.  Remember that phrase from Elementary school, March is in Lion, out like a Lamb? Or vise-versa?  Meaning if you have cranky weather in the beginning then you'll have nice weather at the end.

IMG_4363We also have a couple of wedding anniversaries during March (one being hers!) and a couple of birthday's, and of course one of her fave meals… Corned Beef & Cabbage for St. Patty's!  Honestly, how did we ever decorate before Washi tape??  I just LOVE Washi!!  I added a few different Washi's to add to my month "theme"… anniversary/love them & St. Patty's.  Well that's it for me, happy hoppin' and I'll see ya back here tomorrow!


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