KKS: Party Pearl, What’s on the Agenda for Today?!


It's another peek day at Kraftin Kimmie!  Today the Krafty Krew's inking up a great set from Annie, PARTY PEARL!  I've decided to use Pearl to pretty up my planner!  I do a lot of "large-ish" projects, meaning they take more than an afternoon or they spread over several days, a quilt is a good example.  Staining and stressing new cabinets for the laundry room is another example.  For tasks like these I like separate list, I don't want to lose track of them and this way I can do the smaller pieces of that project on specific days, etc.  So for these, I like this larger "TO-DO" list, I used to use 3×5 lined post-its but this is prettier!


The list itself was a free download, I'll find it and link it up here.  It comes in 4 adorable colors, but I chose pink for this one.  I colored up Miss Pearl and then just adhered her to the bottom of this list.  She's actually only adhered to the stripey part, this way once the list is all checked off, I can start another and not have to color another Pearl 😉  Lazy girl 101!!!  The top of the pink list is adhered with removeable adhesive (just like a post-it note). 


I grabbed a few fun dies to add a little more color to my list.  I can write over or around them, and honestly, if they get in the way, I'll just pull them off.  But I like the extra splashes of color 🙂  I'll be using that cute little binder clip below to hold it on to the current week page and I can easily move it from the left to the right side and not have to "flip" it or anything.  Rhinestones are just too pretty and fun to not have nearly everywhere so I added a few to the Heart bullets here, they really aren't bulky enough to cause any issues.  So below is the top half…


And here's a close up of the bottom half…  I got so excited about this that I forgot to put the sentiment on it, but there's a great sent in the set "what's on the agenda for today?"  It's in the bottom left corner on the set graphic below.IMG_4302

The bottom of the list just tucks right behind her chair and can be pulled out to toss and add another blank one.


8 thoughts on “KKS: Party Pearl, What’s on the Agenda for Today?!

  1. As a fellow planner geek I think this is my favorite!!! She’s just perfect for list making. I adore the color of green you used for her! Such a great idea! You rock!!


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