KKS: Book Dragon Reading / book list


Soooooo…  Are you totally loving this release or what?!?  Before I forget, all of the new stamps are live in the store, >here<!! Ok, so I didn't want to make another bookmark, though DUH!!! this adorable guy SCREAMS great bookmark!!!!  As I was thinking about what to make I came up with a GREAT idea to make a Reading List for my planner!!  There are a couple of authors I LOVE, and I can never remember which book is next in one of their series or trilogy, etc. and my OCD will NOT allow me to read ANY book out of order!!!  lol  Sometimes I remember to make a want list before heading to the bookstore but most times, NOT!!  lol  I still have a bit more prettying up to do on this, but you get the gist of it.  I colored my adorable BOOK DRAGON in pinks and greens (the color theme of my planner stuff) on sticker paper with Copics and Polychromos pencils, then just peeled off the back and stuck him to the bottom corner!


So I'm not writing every wishlist book on here, that's what Goodreads is for, but I AM writing down the next few or so I want to read, then as I read them, the book gets colored in.  I am just using my cheap coloring book colored pencils on the books.  You can see (I hope) that I used all of the sentiment stamps from this set and stamped them on a few spines in different colored ink.


So, for books in a series, I can  be reading one or recently finished one and have the next one written down on a spine, now when Hubby & I go to Barnes & Noble, I just pull the paper from my planner and voila!!!  Instant shopping list!!!  I LOVE the way this turned out!!  Let me also point out that I did not design this page, I bought here, on Etsy!  I really LOVE how simple and quick this is to maintain, and the creative and fun look is a HUGE plus!  My Goodreads reading goal this year is 36 books, so there should be almost enough books on there to fit the whole years' worth!!!!


Well that's it for me, happy hopping!!



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