KKS: November Release Hop!



Hey yall!  IT's HOP DAY!!!!  All of the November release pretties are in the store!!!!!  Happy shopping 😉  Ok, so today I'm sharing the PERFECT PLANNER set!  First off let me say that I know this isn't the pretties, craftiest planner page ever!  THIS is my DD planner… it's a smaller size and according to her, she's "just not as creative as mom & Gramma!" so I wanted to come up with a system for her to make her planner pretty, not boring and so she could use all of the fun stamps "that mom has".  Oh and while she does have access to all of my ink pads, she isn't the one that will necessarily grab every pretty color and go crazy!  SOOOOOOOO, here's what we did…


I grabbed this great pack of "Post It Page Markers", they came in 10 different colors.  They are "post it notes" on one end and easy to snip short to fit my columns.  I used these for a "color coding system" and now I can use all black ink for stamping if I choose!  Which I did 🙂  


As you can see, her birthday is on Friday so I used some colored inks here and on that smiley face on Wednesday.  This really was super quick to put together, and while my planner needs to be "more"… this way is PERFECT for her!!!  It's very simple still, but I just wanted to show you that you don't need 8 colored pens and 8 coordinating ink pads, etc. to use this set and to get some color and character in to your planner!!  Well there you have it, you can see more of my creations for my planner >here<.  IN the mean time, hop along and pay a visit and say "hey" to the rest of the Krafty Girls!




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