May Arts tute & KKS Wonderful Wednesday, with a dash of Sweet Sunday Sketch!


Happy Wednesay Y'all!!  Today's post is like a double scoop ice cream cone!  I've combined a May Arts tutorial along with my Kraftin Kimmie Wonderful Wednesday.  About a month ago I applied for the May Arts Design Team and I made it to the 2nd round, so now it's time for me to post a Written Tutorial.   


Today we're going to cutesy up this burlap bag for a Gift set. My giftie is a "Spoil Yourself" bag, with a book, bubble bath, one of my FAVE Scentsy body sprays and a Scentsy Bar.  I LOVE burlap, and the idea of using it for this gift bag instead of a paper gift bag from Target, etc. is WAY prettier and TONS more fun!  I do have to say, though, that I'm feeling a bit guilty at how quickly this came together.  


So I was poking around the New Release section of the MA Online Catalog and that GORGEOUS Pink Floral 2.5" Vintage ribbon made my jaw hit the floor, so of course that's where I started!  As you can see, the floral takes up most of the height of the bag and I did want to mix in some other colors so I added some Celery 1" Grosgrain on TOP, about 3/4" from the bottom edge.


I used Fabri-Tac on this part, applying it to the celery and then gluing it ON TOP of the Pink Floral.


Ta-da!  You could sew this on as well, but I wanted to keep this simple (and my machine is still downstairs… fine, call me lazy, I can take it, lol).


Now at this point I could just glue it on to the bag, but I'm a "dimension" kind of gal, so I'm gonna make a ruffle.  I'm going to pull a thread (this is strong heavy duty thread) through with a VERY wide stitch, I just want to be able to pull the thread to make it ruffle.  Because I wanted a ruffle I cut my Pink Floral and Celery ribbons to a little more that twice as long as if I were just going to wrap it around… this gave me plenty of extra for ruffles. 


Here's what my "stitch" looks like.  I also could have just gathered the ribbon as I glued it to the bag, but my OCD just won't allow it.  The stitching really is quick.


Because my OCD really does rule my world, I started the gluing by gluing the middle of the ribbon to the middle of the front of my bag.  Here I used a hot glue gun.


I've wrapped one side of the ribbon piece around one side of the bag.  I'm pointing to the middle of the back side, so now I know I can pull the thread until the end of the ribbon reaches this middle.


Next, space the ruffles relatively evenly around and I used some clips to hold it in place.  I used the hot glue gun to spot glue it down around the bag.  


I liked the "Shabby Chic" look of it already, but finished looking edges just makes me happy 🙂  so I added some 3/8" Double Faced Satin Pink along the top edge.  This time I glued the center of the pink to the center of the backside, then glued the ribbon down around the bag.


Now tie that pretty little ribbon in to a fabulous bow and voila!  Pretty, pretty!!


Looking at it I decided to add a "rolled ribbon flower" using the 1" Celery.  I've made these before with strips of fabric, but this ribbon worked perfectly!  


This is the card that goes with my bag, the image is Brigitte from Kraftin Kimmie stamps and she is perfect for my "Spoil Yourself" giftie.  The layout for this card is this week's Sweet Sunday Sketch.


Check out that Hot Pink Dotted edge ribbon!  I also used some Pitt Pastel Pencils for shading on her hair and the tub.


I forgot to take a closer up photo of the goodies in the bag, but I've included a small book and added a strip of Pink/Green 1" Reversible Satin ribbon for a bookmark.  I also took a couple of pieces of Watermelon & Hot Pink 3/8" Satin w/Knotted Edge and tied them in a bow around the bubble bath.  The body spray and Scentsy Bar fit PERFECTLY inside 🙂  A potted plant or flower would also look fabulous in there (though I would make sure there's some plastic on the outside of the plant so as not to ruin this fabulous bag!  Well that's it for my tute & my KKS Wonderful Wednesday, be sure to head over to the Kraftin Kimmie blog for all of the deets on this week's Wonderful Wednesday Challenge.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope to see you again soon.

Stamps: Brigitte (Kraftin Kimmie stamps)
Paper: Sweet Memories (Lori Whitlock), Sweet Blush cs (PTI), Fine Linen cs (PTI)
May Arts RibbonsPink Floral 2.5" Vintage ribbonCelery 1" Grosgrain3/8" Double Faced Satin PinkPink/Green 1" Reversible Satin ribbonWatermelon & Hot Pink 3/8" Satin w/Knotted Edge
Extra's: 4x4x4 Burlap Basket (Etsy), Love Notes Scentsy body spray, Scentsy Bar
Hair: E21, E23, E25, E27
Skin: E000, E00, E11, E21, R11
Tub: RV000, RV32, Rv34
Towels: RV23, YG25, BG07 
Water/Bubbles: B0000, B000, B00, B01
Faucet: C3, C5

3 thoughts on “May Arts tute & KKS Wonderful Wednesday, with a dash of Sweet Sunday Sketch!

  1. Wow Tangii…love this…great tutorial on how you created this lovely basket of goodies. You are soooo talented and I always enjoying popping by your blog to see what you’ve come up with…sure love the KKS card too !! Thanks for sharing !!


  2. I love this little gift bag! You’re right, it’s much cuter then paper. All that lovely ribbon just adds to it’s sweetness. Thanks for sharing and good luck.


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