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YAY! Typepad is back up!! Pure Innocence Calendar page


First off let me say YAY!  Typepad is back up, and I sooooo appreciate all the time, effort and communication they provided!!  Oh yes, and the douche-canoes that spend their time launching attacks like that should be taken out behind the barn and BEATEN!  Ok, rant over 🙂   A couple of years ago I made THIS CALENDAR for my Mom, well for reasons that I will NOT go in to (for sheer embarrasment) I needed to make her a few more pages recently.  For her calendar (to see all of her Calendar pages, click on my CALENDAR category at the end of this post) I used the PI Calendar girls from MFT Stamps… they are soooo stinking cute and really do just fit my Mom to a T.  This is her January page… LOVE those colors!!  For those of you that have followed a theme with a homemade calendar what company/line of stamps did you use?   While to do LOVE MFT's PI's… I think this has inspired me to make a couple of calendars for the house 🙂  Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon!

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