Just Inklined: Owl the Same or NOT

JI Owl


At Just Inklined they take Copyright very seriously, they got together with a group of artists and decided to create a digital stamp on the same theme to show just how different they would be.

The theme was to draw A big owl and a little owl perched on a fence on a chilly day


All proceeds from the $1 digital images from the event will be given to fundraising for a worthy cause.

Chilly Owls  and wording Digital Stamp Set. Only $1 until 17th October.

 There is a Blog Hop on each of the companies sites showing all of the designs, you should go and look at them, not only will it be interesting to see how different they all are but each one of the designs will only be $1.00 to buy for a limited time.

The link to the blog hop


The link to the shop to buy the digi http://www.justinklined.com/ 


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