TSG: Amalia Daisy Fairy

Amalia Daisy Fairy Blog Hop Challenge


I tippy, tippy toe through the gardens! lol  I just LOVE Amalia, and Amalia as a fairy is just perfect šŸ™‚  I stamped the flowers a few times in front of her so she could walk through the flower fienld šŸ™‚  My sketch is from Karen @ Sweet Sunday Sketch.

Megan Suarez logo

The new Amalia stamp set
from Megan Suarezā€¦just gorgeous!! Not only is Amalia a ballerina, but now she
is a fairy as well!

Daisy Fairy is a 3×4 set that includes a total of 3 stamps and will sell for

Would you like to win the new Amaliaā€™s
Daisy Fairy
stamp set? Here is what you
need to do- visit the Trendsetterā€™s blogs that are participating in each
of the blog hop challenges below and comment on their creations as
you go. One of the Trendsetterā€™s blogs (from each hop day) will be
randomly chosen as the ā€˜itā€™ blog and a winner will be picked using a random
number generator from the comments left on that Trendsetterā€™s Blog Hop
Challenge post.

will not know which blog has been chosen so the more you comment on the better
your chances are of winning new stamps! The
Blog Hop Challenges will be open until 5 PM Eastern Time Saturday, July 27th
with the winner being announced during the release party chat.


23 thoughts on “TSG: Amalia Daisy Fairy

  1. love you card the you made her dress a light blue green i love u use some twin with button thank you so much for shareing i am bussy blog hopping arould Trendsetterā€™s blogs ty so much i love rubber stamps i make 4 to 5 cards every week just brighten ppl life that need hear there loved and someone care about them 3 differ ladys in nurehomes i send cards to as one dont even know who she but if ii can put a bright spot in her life for few mins with card it worth a other had stroke and need to be build up get get strong to live agan a other one her hubby fighting cancer and so let both a card to let them i praying and i care . than my son lives out state so i try make card for him ever week then there aother lady in nureshome that just need to know she loved dont for get them in nursing home or just home bound the need to know them know there not forgoten so when u makeing make them card to do something good for others happy cristmas in july have lots fun learning a lot ty


  2. Such a lovely card! Love the BG paper and how you used the flower stamp several times about her feet. Really pretty!!
    ā¤ J


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