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My Ribbon Carousel got a makeover!


First let me just say, that the Ribbon Carousels come wonderful right out of the box!  BUT, if you haven't noticed White & I are not BFF's so I just had to add some color!  


I couldn't find any Spray Paint in the color I wanted (a Blue/green to match my room), so I got some Spray Paint Primer and then bought some regular paint (like for the walls in the house).  My local hardware store has these cute little sampler jars which were just the perfect size!  This color is called Covington Blue (by Benjamin Moore).  I put 2 layers of paint on and got a nice smooth finish.


I really wanted the knob to "pop" so I used some black bitty dot fabric (left over from the Ironing Board cover I made, remember I quilt too).  First I added some Fray Check on all 4 edges of the fabric so I wouldn't get frays when painting on the Modge Podge (worked perfectly!  I only got one thread!!)  I used some Modge Podge and put a coat on the carousel top and then layed my fabric on top (be careful not to stretch the fabric), then I painted a coat over the fabric.  It has a kind of shiney look to it, so I only did one layer of Modge Podge, I didn't want it to look "plastic-y".  I absolutely LOVE the way this turned out!!  I have a few more I need to collect to hold all of my ribbon and as soon as my room is all done I'll post more pics of this in its new home 🙂


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