My Time Made Easy Group Post: November, A Year in Review

IMG_9756This month for my Year in Review project, I decided to make myself some Note Cards and a nice little holder for them.  I finished a bag for someone the other day and realized I still didn't have any Note Cards, just something to write a nice Thank You note on.  Instead of hiring out the girl that did my Blog Banner, etc. I decided to make some myself…OMG! Easy Peasy!!!!!  For my "holder", I used the Card Cover-Up template and for the decorative panel I took some Dainty Damask and re-colored it Black.  


For the Note Cards I used Gimp and started with some Dainty Damask paper and then color matched it to my store's colors.  I added a "white panel" to write on.  For the top, I used a tag from Homemade Holiday Labels and then added a sentiment from Grammy's Sewing Kit.  At the very bottom I added my store name and web address and voila!  I just made my own notecards!!!  I printed these cards on my printer and while they look fine, I will likely take my "card" and get them printed by a Business card printing place or like a Kinko's.  The beautiful ribbons on the Card Cover-Up are, of course, from Ribbon Carousel!! 

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to visit the rest of my team for their Year in Review projects!

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