Anni-VERVE-sary Challenge #5… Jam Labels!!


I’ve been “jamming” now for just over a year, and it is absolutely a learning thing.  Seems like every time I make jam I learn a little more, but one of my biggest frustrations is labeling them!!  Until, my dear friend Sara (of Tweaks and Designs) pointed me in the direction of her fabby Sister (Susie) who made some adorable labels for her “Butter” a while back.  After seeing those labels I immediately headed over to Verve and did a little shopping 😉

IMG_9548This is the Classy Label… I used the Classy Label die as well as the coordinating set Love Notes (Label stamp and HUGS stamp).  The sentiment on the top is from Thoughtful Florals.  One thing I neglected to get was a “made for you by…” type of stamp… next on the wish list!!

IMG_9549I also made a Heart Label (of course Verve “has a die for that” but I forgot to get it), these are for my Daddy!  My Daddy has a PB & J everyday for lunch and it just so happens that he likes my Triple Berry jam 🙂  So naturally I made him his own batch!! 5 BIG jars of yumminess!!  I do have to say that while I LOVE homemade jam on a “sammie”, I think one of my favorite ways to eat it is heated!! and poured on ice cream or maybe pancakes… YUMM!

IMG_9550One of my “Label Dilemnas” was how to attach a label that would also be convenient once the jar had been opened (have I mentioned that I HATE stick on labels?? Yes, I truly hate them!).  My solution was to tie the label on the jar (this is such a pretty way to present the jar when gifting), THEN add a “Pop Dot” on the back (keeping one of the backings on it), now once they open the can they can take off the tie and attach the label to the top of the lid (the label is slightly larger than the lid so it will keep the center with the lid when opened).  I think this solution will work quite well and the best part is that I can stamp out lots of labels and then fill in the flavor and date at any time 🙂  Thanks Susie for the idea, Sara for enlightening me and Verve for being so stinking creative!!

Stamps: Love NotesThoughtful Florals (Verve Stamps)  Extra’s: Classy Label die (Verve Stamps), Buttons, Twine, Blue Bakers Twine  Challenges: VSAVS12E


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