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Twine & fiber storage idea & I {heart} Pinterest!

IMG_8975First let me start off by saying that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pinterest!  I wish I could claim that I was the brain-child behind this brilliant idea, but I saw it on Pinterest!  HeatherJs blog to be specific, and she used it for embroidery floss.  I don't really use embroidery floss, but what a great way to store my Baker's Twine!!!!  Before this, all of my twine was a knotted mess 😦  Now it's pretty and the best part is that the "mouth" of the clothes-pin holds the end of the twine!  I LOVE it!  and this took WAY less time than my ribbon storage (of course I have TONS of ribbon).  You can see my ribbon storage here.  I have to say that since that ribbon post my ribbon collection has grown to 1 color per drawer 🙂

I have found tons of awesome idea's on Pinterest… made several recipes, tried several crafty ideas and even applied some household organization ideas to m yown life… I am soooooo addicted!!!  Hello, my name is Tangii and I'm a Pinterest-aholic.  Well, thanks for popping by, if you have an awesome storage idea for your fibers, ribbons, etc please leave me a comment with a linkie… I'd love to check it out!!

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