Congratulations & Hugs to Ginger!!

My friend and fellow DTer, Ginger and her hubby are about to welcome a little bundle of joy to their family!  So of course we just had to have a Baby Shower Blog Hop!  If you just came to my blog, you should go back to the PMS blog and begin there.  So you should have come here from Anita's blog, and your next stop is Miss Christi S.


I am sending the Schwerin household a little giftie, but I can't show you my card for it without giving the secret for them away, so….. I am showing you the Baby album I made for her a couple of months ago.  Ginger, I suggest you sleep every minute of the next few days, because once that precious baby gets here it'll be many, many, many, many years from now before you will get as much sleep as you want or need, lol!  We can't wait to see some pictures. Enjoy girlie….huge, big hugs and lots of love to ya!

Thanks to everyone for popping by,have a fabulous Friday!


12 thoughts on “Congratulations & Hugs to Ginger!!

  1. This is actually already packed for me to take with me to add the pictures to!!! Love this. And oh yes, I am trying to sleep a lot. Fell asleep packing last night haha. Maybe I’ll get more sleep on the car ride! Oooh other goodies?! Can’t wait to see what surprises you have. Your last one was soooo great I can’t even imagine what else you might have up your sleeve!


  2. love the book, they make great gifts and are great looking on our own shelves when we remember to keep a few for ourselves…thanks for sharing


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